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Small Batch Ready Mix Concrete

Driveways, sidewalks, patios, shed slabs; we can mix the perfect small batch of concrete for your job sent with you in one of our specialized towable concrete buggies. Our standard mix is 2500 psi and we can mix up to 5000 psi. We use 3/4" aggregate. We can mix from 1/4 yard all the way up to 1 1/4 yard* in 1/4 yard increments.

*1/4 yard to 1 1/4 yard loads require at least a 1/2 ton truck/van with appropriate tow package and 2" ball.
Appropriate tow package includes trailer hitch receiver with appropriate reducer if required.
Bumper pull towing is not permitted.


Requirements For Towing a Loaded Concrete Buggy




Vehicle Capable of Towing

Loaded concrete buggies must be towed with a vehicle capable of towing. A 1/2 ton truck/van is the minimum requirement to tow a loaded buggy. 1 1/2 yd loads require a 3/4 ton truck/van. Small trucks, passenger cars etc. will not be permitted to tow our buggies.


Properly Installed Hitch and Ball

Vehicle must be equipped with a properly installed tow package (and the correct reducer if required). Bumper pull hitches will not be permitted. Hitches must be properly attached to the vehicle's frame. Our buggies require a 2" ball. 

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Concrete Buggies Must Be Cleaned Before Returning

Cleaning Fees Apply

All buggies must be cleaned by the customer before returning to Total Rental. If a buggie is returned with concrete still inside, A cleaning fee will be charged and collected.