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Concrete Buggies - A Versatile Machine

Tracked Canycom SC75 Concrete Buggies
Tracked Canycom SC75 Concrete Buggies


What Is A Concrete Buggy?

Concrete buggies are compact, highly maneuverable, and easily transportable machines equipped with a dumpable bucket and easy to operate walk behind or ride behind controls. Also known as power buggies, these gas or electric powered machines were originally created for transporting and pouring concrete from a concrete mixer truck. Some models are equipped with wheels or tracks depending on the terrain or preference of the operator.


A worker filling a concrete buggy with concrete.
Canycom concrete buggy taking concrete straight from the mixer truck

Taking Your Concrete Job To The Next Level

Gone are the days of using a wheelbarrow and muscle to move pour your concrete. For large jobs, concrete buggies are a necessity for quick an efficient workflow, and the affordable rental rates for an average sized buggy make knocking out small jobs a breeze. Having a concrete buggy on the jobsite that a concrete mixer truck can pour straight into not only makes your concrete job faster and easier to complete, it can make it more manageable and easy to organize. Is your pour site too far from the street for the concrete truck to reach?

No problem, a concrete buggy can bridge that gap quickly and efficiently.


A Canycom power buggy carrying dirt.
Versatility On Any Jobsite

Not Just For Concrete

They may be most well known for their use on concrete jobsites, however, the power buggy excels in other areas as well. Construction sites, demolition jobs, dirt moving jobs, anywhere where material needs to be moved or handled a power buggy can be an invaluable tool. Need to move a small to moderate amount of dirt in a hurry? Instead of shoveling it into wheelbarrows and manual moving it, why not just use a powered buggy? For some jobs a skid steer or front loader are just too big. A small agile power buggy will fit through a residential gate easily, can be operated with minimal training, won't tear up a residential lawn, and is a much safer option for small job sites. Working on a demo site? Instead of manually carrying scrap and trash out to a dumpster, why not let a power buggy transport the load?

Affordable Rental Rates

Perhaps the best aspect of using a power buggy on your jobsite is how cost effective it can be. Renting a power buggy can save you money and time in the long run. Although power buggies are simple and reliable machines, choosing to rent rather than own takes all maintenance and worry away. A rental store with a fleet of power buggies will always have a well serviced and reliable buggy available for rent (depending on supply and demand) so that you don't have to turn down or lose jobs if your buggy goes down or needs maintenance. The rental rate for a buggy pays for itself quickly when taking into account maintenance, cleaning, part replacement such as wheels and tracks, or costly hydraulic repairs.


Canycom concrete buggy in front of Total Rental.
Total Rental - Providing Rental Equipment To Houston and Spring Texas Area Since 2017

Total Rental Power Buggies

It's easy to see the benefits of a power buggy on the jobsite, and how renting can be the most cost effective choice. At Total Rental we take it even further by offering the best rental rates for concrete and power buggy rental in the Houston area. All of our buggies are equipped with tracks for versatile mobility on any jobsite. We keep all of our buggies well maintained, clean, and ready to take on any job you can throw at them. We also offer competitive pricing delivery and pickup straight to your jobsite. Take your concrete or construction business to the next level and reserve a power buggy for your job today!

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